Why join

There are a number of benefits to being a member of Kraft Heinz Food for Thought!

  1. Make an impact – Every part of the Kraft Heinz Food for Thought community is used to guide decision making at Kraft Heinz. Results from the surveys, Quick Polls and Discussion Forums all have an impact! By openly sharing your thoughts, you will have a direct influence on a number of decisions that are made at Kraft Heinz - everything from which products to launch, to which advertisements are run!
  2. Learn what other influencers think – By engaging in the conversation on the Discussion Forum you can interact and see what other Food for Thought members think about a number of food and beverage topics. Answering the Quick Poll on the home page also shows you live results so you can see how other Food for Thought members answered.
  3. Be the first to know – When possible, we will share back any results where you helped make an impact through our Newsletters.
  4. Prizes - Each month we will do a draw where 3 members are selected to win $100! For each survey you do you are entered into the draw! The more surveys you complete the greater your chance to win! Please see our Contest Rules to learn more. You can access the Contest Rules at any time using the link at the bottom of the Food for Thought page.
  5. Be featured - Each month, one lucky member will be featured on the community. The more you participate and the quality of your responses in the discussion forums and surveys increase your chances of being selected. This is an area where you get to share a little bit about yourself with other Food for Thought members.